Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Phuket, Thailand

I am a little late in posting since we went to Thailand before Christmas, but better late than never. We had such an amazing trip. It is only a 1.5 hour flight from KL on the west coast of Thailand. The hotel greeted us with fresh flower necklaces which the girls loved. It was sophisticated enough (great food and drinks) for the adults but really catered to the kids as well.

The first day we arrange for a traditional Thai style long boat to take us to Koyao Island (off the east coast) to visit our good friends that live across the street. They were vacationing there for a week so it worked out great. The boat was slow and the water a little choppy but everyone handled fine. The scenery was so beautiful even after a hour you did not tire of it. Once on the island the kids just played and played while we relaxed by the pool and on the beach. Samantha and Claire even did some snorkeling, more hunting for shells that looking at fish.

The next day we stayed around the resort swimming and such. We were headed to the pool and when we rounded the corner to the lobby there was a baby elephant. Not everyday you see that in a hotel lobby. The hotel was equipped to make happy kids which equals happy adults. You could check our bikes, go on the water slide, enjoy the kids club and they even circus training school. Samantha flew on the trapeze and had so much fun.

On the third day we took a boat excursion out to "James Bond" island. We rode a speed boat out to the Phi Phi islands then boarded sea canoes and had paddled tour through sea caves. It was really freaking cool. The girls loved having to lay down in order to make it through the caves. Kyle and I just took the scenery and experience. We had lunch at local floating restaurant geared to feeding all the tourists. Here the girls got to hold an eagle. Again, not your everyday vacation experience.

The last few days we just lounged and enjoyed the resort and the family time. Samantha finally warmed up to the elephant and even fed it some bananas. Emily on the other hand kept her distance. Overall a wonderful family holiday.

Happy New Year!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Emily Swimming

I finally got a video of Emily showing her swimming skills!


I am happy to say that Halloween in KL is growing. This year there were many more shops carrying costumes, decorations and candy. Being from the US Halloween is normal to us but we are one of the few countries that celebrate it. Many of our friends and neighbors have no idea what trick or treating means. Thankfully Samantha is at an American school that embraces the fun of the holiday. On Friday night they had a carnival and trick or treat trail around the school. Then today Samantha wore her costume to school and had Halloween arts and crafts plus a party. Lastly I organized trick or treating in the neighborhood for tonight. We had a TON of children come out for candy.

This year Samantha was Fancy Nancy from the popular children's book series and Emily was Annie. Both costumes turned out really cute. I can hardly stand how adorable Emily was in the wig. Surprisingly she kept it one the entire carnival and trick or treating. Here are some pictures of them with their friends.

The last picture is of some of the weird candy. The orange thing is a "jelly". Looks just like a jello shot but without the alcohol. They are a big treat in asia. Not sure where the other stuff is from but some random stuff. I guess with a bag of Hershey's mixed candy going for $12 a bag you end up with some knock offs.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Milestone

Today, we had a break through at the Liskow house. Samantha learned to tie her shoes! She is giggly in the video because this was probably take number 5.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rock Climbing

Last weekend Kyle and Samantha went rock climbing at a local indoor facility. I have taken Samantha a few times and she truly is a natural so I wanted Kyle to see it. He decided to climb as well. It amazes me that Samantha has no fear and scales the highest walls will little or no effort. At the end of the hour she was climbing down and later we found out from the instructor that it is really hard to climb down and avid climbers do it to for an extra hard work out.

After the hour was over Kyle's forearms were burning and he was ready for some advil. Samantha on the other hand was ready to go again. Emily even got a taste by climbing the little kid rock while I enjoyed a latte. Nice family morning.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hari Raya

Both girls celebrated Hari Raya at school last week. They looked really cute in their outfits. Here are some pictures of them and their friends.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Face Painting

Today Emily came home as a beautiful butterfly from school. It seems there was a birthday party with face painting. It is hard to see the detail in the photos but it had glitter and was really pretty. She was so happy!